Bathroom Remodel Plans

Finally! We are close to seeing an end to the basement bathroom remodel. It's been a mess! If you don't know, we have a walkout basement that spans the length of the house. It's not your typical basement where there is only one exit. We have french doors, windows, and even a garage in the basement. Last year we completed the main part of the basement remodel adding two bedrooms and a large living area. That put our total bedrooms in the house to 5 giving each of our daughters their own rooms...which has been GREAT! 

Right now we are remodeling the bathroom and laundry room, both of which are in the basement. First I am sharing plans for the bathroom. It's quite small and has no windows but it will have a freestanding bathtub with shower, sink, and toilet.  We had to have the plumbing completely redone in the basement, meaning we had to bust out the concrete to have new plumbing laid. That part has been completed and the new concrete has been poured. I'll share before pics of what we are working with below, along with plans for the new bathroom! I've provided affiliate links below as well for your convenience. The bathtub is currently out of stock but I will update post when it is available again. (It sells out fast!)


Christmas Home Tour 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Seriously though, I love every single thing about the holidays. From the decorations, the shopping, the songs...I JUST LOVE IT ALL! I'm super excited to be in a Christmas home tour with some fellow blogger friends today. Be sure to check out all of their homes linked at the end of this post. Also, a special thanks to Leigh at The Little by Little Home for organizing and inviting me to be a part of the tour! I hope you can get some coffee or drink of choice and enjoy being inspired by all the Christmas goodness!

I decorate our tree with all of our family ornaments every year! It's one of my girls favorite things to do and mine. We get out each ornament and remember the time they received it.

Our stockings are from Walmart but I added the pom poms and lace to them. The wooden initails I found at Target. 

I did this DIY Advent calendar this year out of embroidery hoops. You can find that post HERE.

Our dining room is always a cozy spot to gather during Christmas! We spend a lot of time here. 

I kept my entry simple with a few trees and a festive scarf for Christmas. The little pine tree below can be found at Col House Designs linked HERE.

I love adding little Christmas touches to my living room gallery wall.

This "Be Merry, Be Bright" sign is a new addition to the home this year and I love it! You can find it linked HERE at a great price!

This "Letters to Santa" mailbox is also a new addition. My girls are obsesssed with it! I think my 5 year old puts something in there every night for the elves to take to Santa. You can find one for your home HERE.

This new piano was so fund to decorate this year! I added this fun garland around the top of this sign and it's my new favorite garland! You can find it linked HERE

Thanks for coming and touring our home for Christmas! Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers homes linked below. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS!

DIY Advent Calendar

It's my absolute most favorite time of the year. For many reasons! Most of all is the memories and traditions my family has created over the years. One of our most favorite is Advent. I have created a super simple and budget friendly Advent for you to try! I've also teamed up with a few of my blogger friends who have also shared their Advent ideas. Be sure to check out their posts linked at the bottom of this post. They are all sooo great and inspiring. 

There are many ways people celebrate the season of Advent. Some open a small gift or chocolate each day in the countdown until Christmas and the birth of Jesus. At our home, my girls have a card they read with an activity each day. Some of the things are staples that I make a day of every year as tradition and some are simple things like watching a Christmas movie and having hot cocoa, or even reading a Christmas story. Along with this DIY, I have shared a list of ideas that our family does each year! 

For this DIY you will need:

  • Embroidery hoops (can be found at most craft stores) I used three sizes
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Small paper clips
  • Printer paper
  • Twine 
  • Glue gun 

I used three different size emroidery hoops for my calendar this year. I cut the ribbon to fit around the sides and hot glued it to the hoop. I used three strips for the large hoop and two strips for the medium size hoop and small hoop. I've linked some hoops that come in a pack with multiple sizes HERE.

 When all the strips are glued I simply cut small cards using the printer paper and numbered them 1 to 24. If you have a printer at home you could also print some cute numbers with font and use those instead.

I write all the activites inside the card. Sometimes life changes and plans come up... so If I know plans change for that day I can always cut a new card and change the activity. 

I made three small bows to glue to the tops of the hoops to give it an ornament feel. 

 Here is the finished look! I love how this turned out. I've linked the ribbon HERE.

 Here is a list of some of our favorite things to do with our girls. They look forward to these memories and family time every year! As do I. 

  1.  Read Christmas Book together
  2. Watch Elf
  3. Watch The Santa Claus
  4. Bubble Bath in the dark with Candles lit 
  5. Indoor Snowball fight (THESE are perfect for this)
  6. Baking Day (we use this day to bake all our favorite Holiday treats
  7. Write Christmas cards for the nursing home 
  8. Tell the Story of Jesus Birth
  9. Christmas Movie and hot cocoa 
  10. Scavenger hunt (my girls all time favorite)
  11. Christmas craft
  12. DIY ornament 
  13. Drive around in pajamas and look at Christmas lights 
  14. Write and mail lists to Santa
  15. Make paper snowflakes 
  16. Take Christmas treat to neighbor
  17. Go to a Christmas party 
  18. Wrap presents 
  19. Call a friend and sing a Christmas song to them
  20. Read The Night Before Christmas
  21. Watch The Polar Express 
  22. Have cocoa outside with blankets and tell favorite Christmas memories 
  23. Have dinner around the Christmas tree 
  24. Make Reindeer food
These are just some ideas to help plan your Advent. Be sure to check out my fellow blogger friends below to see what they have come up with. Thanks for stopping by!

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Simple Fall Home Tour

Hi friends! I am so excited to share my simple, fall home tour with you! I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers and friends for a blog tour of all of our fall homes. There are links to all of them at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check them all out for some beautiful fall inspiration!

We recently built this coat rack in our entry and I couldn't wait to decorate it for fall! I mainly used cozy items like the striped blanket and scarf in fall colors to give it that fall feel.

These pumpkins here are made out of tree bark! How cool is that?!

I came across this chair on a local antique stores page and knew instantly that I had to have it! I went the next day and it was, luckily, still there. 

It instantly adds the cozy fall feeling into this space.

As many other bloggers, I love using amber bottles to my home for fall. The way the light hits it through the window is beautiful!

I changed up my curtains in my living room to some darker ones for the fall and winter months. I love the new contrast in here! 

 I have this gallery wall in my living room and added these bats to the antique circle frames. I found the frame at a garage sale for .50 cents! I simply sketched the bats and colored them in with a sharpie. I love this simple, cheap way to add some seasonal decor to my home!

I don't add much to my kitchen. Some small amber bottles and a couple faux corn stalks and that's about it!

Years ago, I found these primitive brooms at a garage sale and knew they would be perfect for fall decorating. I have had them in different spots over the years but this year I added them to my shutters in my dining room and I love how it turned out! 

Thanks for visiting my home for fall! Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers homes below!

Check out all the amazing fall decor in our cozy fall home tours!