Girls Bedroom Tour

I wanted to give a quick tour of my girls bedroom. My two oldest girls share a room together and I am in the process of making this a space that they both love. With our home being older, the bedrooms are on the small side. We opted for full size bunk beds (for top and bottom bunks) to give them plenty of room and to make them feel like they both have equal space.

DIY Reindeer Games Sign

This year for Christmas, I plan on decorating a little more fun for my girls! Instead of making every piece of decor a "no-touch" zone, I have been slowly planning a few things to make it a little more relaxed around the house. This little DIY sign is just the start to my Christmas decorating! My girls thought it was cute and even asked "what games are there going to be?" Well, maybe I will come up with a few fun games with them and just pretend they are games reindeer would play at the North Pole! This "Reindeer Games" sign is super easy and takes no serious time or money to complete!

The Premiere Issue of Everything Home Magazine!

Tonight is truly a night full of dreams come true. Not only for me but especially for my best friend Collete Osuna. Just a little over six weeks ago, I received a call from Collette and I immediately could feel the excitement in her voice. She asked me to join her in starting an online digital home decor and more magazine and I almost hit the floor. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this amazing woman. Not only has she given me a confidence that I didn't know I had, but she has became someone I truly admire and can rely on for anything. We have spent countless hours, nights, tears, and laughs bringing this magazine together. Six weeks later, we are overwhelmed with joy to launch the Premiere Issue of Everything Home Magazine!