DIY Reindeer Games Sign

This year for Christmas, I plan on decorating a little more fun for my girls! Instead of making every piece of decor a "no-touch" zone, I have been slowly planning a few things to make it a little more relaxed around the house. This little DIY sign is just the start to my Christmas decorating! My girls thought it was cute and even asked "what games are there going to be?" Well, maybe I will come up with a few fun games with them and just pretend they are games reindeer would play at the North Pole! This "Reindeer Games" sign is super easy and takes no serious time or money to complete!

Supplies needed:

Board (I used a 1x6x8 inch board that I found laying around the garage but any board will work)
White Paint
Black craft paint
Red craft paint
Sharpie marker (black)
Scotch tape 
Carbon Copy Paper
Printable Template or print your own font type
Please click here to download & print free reindeer printable.
Sandpaper (120 grit or higher)

Step 1: Paint your board with the white paint. I used some leftover base paint that we used on our walls. Paint the front and sides completely. Let your board dry then add a second coat.

Step 2: I simply typed out the word "Reindeer Games" using Microsoft Word, then found a font I liked. I used the font called "Algerian" then printed in font size 100. I included a free printable template for you to use with the reindeer head above in the supply list. Cut out the words separately along with the reindeer head. Take the carbon paper and cut a piece the same size as your words and head.


Step 3: Line up your words on the board with the black part of the carbon paper facing down on the board. Place your cut out word on top of the carbon paper and secure it with scotch tape around the edges.

Step 4: Trace around the outside of the letters with a pen. Do not trace the 3D lines around the letters on this step. Trace around the deer head and the inside cutouts. Once you have it all traced, remove the paper and carbon paper from the board.

Step 5: I used a sharpie to fill in the letters. It's okay if it doesn't look perfect because the distressing at the end will cover any imperfections.

Step 6: Take your sharpie and draw the 3D outlines of the letters. I put the letters above my board to use as a template. See below.

Step 6: I used black craft paint and a fine tip paintbrush to fill in the deer head. I let the first coat dry then applied a second coat.

Step 6: Once the deer is dry, use a pencil to make a circle at the end of his nose. Fill in the circle with red craft paint. Let dry then add another coat. I made an arrow on the board by freehand but you could very well print one to trace as well. Paint the inside of the arrow black and let dry completely.

Step 7: As you can see my lines aren't perfect by any means! This next step will hide any of those lines you may have been shaky on. Take your sand paper and lightly sand over all the letters, the arrow, and the reindeer head. I like for my sign to have a highly distressed look but you can distress to your liking. After you have sanded, wipe down your board to remove and dust or debris. You now have a fun, simple sign to lean on a shelf or mantle, or add a saw tooth hook on the back for easy hanging!

If you make this sign for yourself, please tag me on Instagram @vintagehomeok. I want to see YOUR finished sign!