The Premiere Issue of Everything Home Magazine!

Tonight is truly a night full of dreams come true. Not only for me but especially for my best friend Collete Osuna. Just a little over six weeks ago, I received a call from Collette and I immediately could feel the excitement in her voice. She asked me to join her in starting an online digital home decor and more magazine and I almost hit the floor. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this amazing woman. Not only has she given me a confidence that I didn't know I had, but she has became someone I truly admire and can rely on for anything. We have spent countless hours, nights, tears, and laughs bringing this magazine together. Six weeks later, we are overwhelmed with joy to launch the Premiere Issue of Everything Home Magazine!

 Everything Home Magazine is designed for anyone and everyone. Our amazing contributors are made up of bloggers, designers, mothers, fathers, makers and some of your favorite Instagram friends. All of which have now become one family. A lot of thought and planning went into each and every column title and tag line. We have designed the magazine to where anyone could have a chance to be featured. Whether you have an inspiring room to share, an easy DIY project you created, or even a cute story about one of your pets. Everything Home Magazine was born because of Collette's passion to help others and showcase their love for their home. The Everything Home Magazine motto is "we believe a light is bright enough to shine on many, not just one." Something we believe in 100%.

I would like to say a thank you to everyone involved in bringing this amazing magazine to life. Our contributors, who have been more than willing to stay patient with us this past 6 weeks and for their beautiful work on their articles. The features, who let us take a glimpse into their inspiring homes or sharing their DIY with us. The advertisers, who believed in this magazine enough to join us for the premiere issue. All of us as a team, came together to bring you our very first November Premiere Issue.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and that it brings you some inspiration. We have provided hashtags for you to use on your social media channels for each column. This is a great way for a chance to have your home featured in future issues. We are already hard at work preparing the December issue! To sign up for email updates on upcoming issues visit our website or visit the Everything Home Magazine Instagram account for the latest news!

 With great excitement, we bring you our very first issue of Everything Home Magazine. Grab a coffee, tea, or your beverage of choice, and relax and enjoy reading!


  1. Such a wonderfully written post summed up all of my feelings here, and then some.
    You are the best partner, friend I could have ever asked for to walk this journey with you to the moon:)

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