Advent Calendar Ideas

Are you looking for some ideas for your Advent Calendar this year?! If so, maybe I can help you by listing some of the ideas I do with my daughters. Each year I use these envelopes that I made out of simple scrapbook paper. In each envelope their is a card with a fun activity for that day! Some may be as simple as a Christmas movie with popcorn or hot chocolate...because let's face it...there are days where you are just too worn out to go the whole nine yards..and that is OK! They will be excited because it's with you and it's something they will always remember.

Here is my list of all the ideas I included in my cards as well as some additional ones that I have used in the past!

  1. Go drive around and look at Christmas lights in your pajamas.
  2. Have a candlelight bubble bath
  3. Have a scavenger hunt (my girls favorite)
  4. Watch "The Santa Clause" and have hot cocoa
  5. Make a pine cone bird feeder
  6. Write letters to Santa to send back with the elves (Elf on the Shelf)
  7. Pick out a Christmas ornament at the store
  8. Cut paper snowflakes 
  9. Watch a Christmas movie and have popcorn
  10. Bake a Christmas dessert
  11. Have a picnic dinner by the Christmas tree 
  12. Make a DIY ornament
  13. Attend a Christmas party
  14. Take some Christmas candy or fudge to a neighbor
  15. Make cards for the elderly and deliver to the Nursing Home 
  16. Watch "The Polar Express" 
  17. Wrap some presents
  18. Read Christmas books by the fire 
  19. Write and mail a letter to a grandmother or grandfather that live far away 
  20.  Have an ornament exchange with friends
  21. Call a friend and sing "Jingle Bells"
  22. Make Christmas cookies
  23. Build a snowman (weather permitting)
  24. Read "The Night Before Christmas"
  25. Write your lists to Santa 
  26. Make Reindeer food
  27. Make window snowflakes
  28. Have an indoor snowball fight
  29. Have a "camp-out" in the living room 
  30. Make your Christmas wishlist

My girls favorite of all is the scavenger hunt. I find my inner "Dr. Seuss" and come up with simple, short, rhyming clues. At the end of the hunt there is a prize (usually candy or something small). They absolutely LOVE this. I would love to hear some ideas you use at your home! I am always looking for more ideas each year! Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Awwww...these are all great ideas to do as a of my favorites is to go look at all of the lights:) Love your Avent Calendar!!!!

  2. These are the sweetest! I swear, I MUST do this next year!

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