Blogger Holiday Home Tour 2015

Welcome to my Christmas home!! 

I have partnered with 9 incredibly inspiring and lovely ladies for a Holiday Bloggers Tour! The super sweet and talented Sandra asked me to be a part of it and I couldn't be more excited! Christmas has to be my most favorite time of year for many reasons! From the holiday decorating, the Christmas songs, hot apple cider, and just the comfort of being with family and friends, to name a few. I love the sparkle in my children's eyes throughout the whole month of December in anticipation of Christmas morning. I'd like to welcome you to take a tour of how we decorate for Christmas and the traditions we pass down to my kids generation. (that I hope they keep!) I like to add a lot of vintage to my decorating and the same goes for Christmas. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

My Living Room

 We always put the tree up in front of our bow windows. I added plaid to the ribbon this year and I love it! 

One new addition this year is the beautiful tree skirt! I've wanted a ruffle skirt for a couple of years now and when I came across this one I knew it would be perfect. My mother gave me the bearded Santa ornaments and they have became my favorite.

 We keep stacks of Christmas books throughout the living room for my girls to read. We try and read one every night in December. Our cat Olive is enjoying the cozy Christmas decor too! 

This is my favorite place during the winter. 

My favorite part of the mantle is the DIY stocking holders my husband and I made. They have our girls pictures on them and are made to easily switch out year to year. I found the little wood initials to add to the stockings at Target this year. 

Our mantle is really long and has our TV in the middle so I always decorate both sides. These are a collection of different Christmas trees I've collected and two I have made myself. 


The little plaid tree was a fun DIY my bestie Collette and I made "together" last year. We both saw a photo of one similar and recreated them! This tree is made from simply a poster board, glue, and an old plaid shirt!  

Our coffee table decor in the living room. My daughters little, vintage "Elf on the Shelf" is hanging from the tree!

I made this "Reindeer Games" games sign out of a piece of wood we had lying around in the garage. To see the complete DIY instructions click here!

My Entry

 These cute Santa boxes are also one of my mothers that she gave me. I love having decor items around for Christmas that once belonged to loved ones. The little plaid, vintage lunchbox belonged to my husbands grandmother. 

This adorable Santa print is from Pocketful of Paint.

Our home has these small support pillars that we just can't seem to take down. I love character in older homes so instead I embrace them and decorate around them every year. 

 I found this accordion hook coat rack at a flea market for 50 cents. I love hanging seasonal decor from it. 

My Kitchen

I had my husband go out to the pasture and cut me down a "Charlie Brown Tree" and I put it in this old crock. It may be my favorite tree in the house! 

My girls look forward to the Advent calendar every year! I made these little envelopes and hung them from an old window. Each envelope has a fun activity to do that day!


Another favorite of my girls is this hot cocoa station. I put all the fun add ins for cocoa on my three tiered tray. We also get out the whip cream for the girls and sometimes Baileys for the adults during parties. 

When I posted my hot cocoa station on Instagram, a sweet friend, Kerry @plentyplace, used it for inspiration for some invites to an open house she was having. She drew this invite below and sent me a copy for my readers to download for free!! How incredibly sweet is that?! It's super cute too!! To download the free printable click here

My cubby in my kitchen was decorated with a simple, small Christmas tree and a vintage Santa print. Cubby is from Vintage Farmhouse Finds.  

My Dining Room

I kept our dining table simple and fun. I used my collection of reindeer for my centerpiece. The berries in the vase grow near our house and are festive for Christmas.

For the table setting, I cut some rosemary from our garden and tied it with some twine. Each setting has a family members initial that I wrote on these wood chips from the Target dollar spot. 

My milkglass shelves are filled with a collection of Santas from around the world. Each Santa has a country labeled on him and is dressed in their traditional Santa clothing. 

 I hope you've enjoyed our Christmas home. :)  Thank you for visiting!

Visit these lovely ladies below for a Holiday tour of their homes as well!           



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  2. I love this sooooo much Daraka! Every single inch of your home shows your special unique touch! We both put out our DIY it, and YOU!

  3. I love it all! Beautiful job, friend!

  4. I love that everything you put out has so much meaning! Every detail is amazing. I want to come see your beautiful home someday and hear your stories about every piece! Great job, friend!

  5. What a cozy Christmas nest you've feathered for your family! I think I'm going to try your plaid tree. Great idea! Do you & Colette live near each other? How nice that you've bonded so well!

    1. Thank you!! No we actually live 800 miles apart and have never actually met in real life! We plan to someday though ;)

  6. Daraka, so much cuteness, I don't know what not to love. Loving the stockings and the hot cocoa bar, the advent calendar and all the fabulous plaid!

  7. Oh I loved seeing a peek at your Christmas home! Every space is put together with so much love and care, and I just love how warm and cozy it looks. Wishing you the loveliest Christmas!

  8. love that hot cocoa print.. xoxoooo loved seeing this D

  9. So beautiful! I love your diy stocking holders!!

  10. I love it all. Thanks to share this post.

  11. Really nice post. I love all pictures in this post

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