Bedroom Makeover Part 1

I love my home. I love decorating every room making it a space I look forward to walking into..except our bedroom that is.  I never seem to take the time to really make our bedroom a spot that I love. It's the place when company comes over I shut the door so they don't dare see it! Well, I decided I would finally take some time to focus on decorating it a little.
We are currently in the process of renovating our tiny master bathroom so I really needed to budget and decorate by shopping my home. Always a favorite of mine! I am starting with our bed and my nightstand ( my side of the room).We live in an old home so our bedroom is on the small side. Small but cozy that is! :)

Below is a pic from from before. My nightstand was seriously lacking!

I purchased this comforter last fall and I love it! I found it in the Through the Country Door catalog. My favorite part about it is the corded edges, the ticking stripes, and how it drapes to the vision of a country bedroom. 

The picture above my bed belonged to my grandma and grandpa. I found it just hanging in their garage. It had been there for years and years but I had just came to appreciate it when I discovered my love for vintage and antique items.  The look on my grandpas face was priceless when I asked him if I could have it for my bedroom. 

I have always wanted a tray on my bed like I see in the magazines. Sounds silly but I never seen a reason to have one. Although I have found myself using it! In the mornings I love setting on the bed and drinking my coffee while my little one watches cartoons. I looked for the perfect tray and couldn't find one I just loved! Then I remembered I had this old fruit crate setting downstairs that I picked up at a garage sale for five bucks. It was perfect for me. Mug is from Linen & Lace Shop.

For my nightstand, this is where I really shopped my house for things I had. I started with this old window frame setting downstairs in my "things I bought and had to have at the moment" pile. It seems to have come in handy! I won the print in a giveaway on Instagram from @kristinebrookshire. I loved it because it reminded me of myself. I love layering when I decorate so I propped it up on the window. I had this lamp that circulates around the house because I never know were I quite want it. I love the texture it adds here. My bestie Collette sent me this old cheese box in a swap we hosted last summer. I had the milk glass vases already to I added some simple babys breath in it. My local grocery store sells huge bundles for 1.99 so it's easy to replace and I love the simplicity of it. My friend Jen on Instagram made me this arrow and I am so happy I found the perfect spot for it! 

Armor of God sign is also from Linen & Lace and I feel like it ties the whole space together. It's so beautiful! 

I found some similar boxes online at Amazon for 9.99. Affiliate link below..
Retro Zakka Style Wooden multifunctional desk box 

Not a pretty picture but I wanted to show you the view looking out our master bedroom window. :)

I wanted to add some color for spring. Bedface sheets lets you order mis-matched sheets! I love this idea. I went with a charcoal top sheet with a white flat sheet. I chose "mint" colored pillow cases for my color. The sheets are amazing! I feel like I am climbing into a hotel bed every night. They even send a bag of popcorn with your order. How fun is that?!

My next project is the other side of the room. I have a huge chunky dresser, you know the ones you buy when you're first married...that has the whole matching set! I have slowly fizzled out the pieces except for the dresser. I hope to show you the other side soon! 

*"Dreams are Free" pillow from Tuesday Morning. 
*Throw blanket from Marshalls 

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  1. It's all so pretty. The perfect country bedroom! You have totally motivated me to work on mine.

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