Canvas Gallery Wall

I've had my gallery wall in my living room above my couches for 4 years now. Although I loved it, I felt it was due for a makeover! My Pinterest is full of canvas gallery walls that are all black and white photos so I knew this was the direction I wanted to head. Then I met director for Canvas HQ. Not only did she help me every step of the way in creating something I would love, I made an amazing friend in this lady. I even plan to visit her one day and all her precious farm animals! :)

I cannot say enough great things about Canvas HQ. When I received my box in the mail with the canvases inside, I was amazed at how well packed they were to ensure no damage was done during shipping. Then I got them by one I was just in awe at how beautiful they were! Now, I'm not just saying all that because it was pics of my sweet girls, they were all truly very well made!

Here is my gallery wall finished! What I love about it is I can easily change out a photo throughout the years as my girls grow. I love that we added a quote, and when I say we I mean Kristy and I. It was her idea to make the middle canvas a family quote and I love the one she suggested! Just perfect.

Canvas HQ even makes hanging the photos a breeze! They send you a packet for each canvas. The best tools required! Always a win in my husbands as well so I don't have to steal his tools and then forget to put them back. LOL

This one of my girls at the beach last summer is probably my favorite! I don't want them to grow up!
I had this picture on my phone that I sent to Kristy and they were able to get it on canvas in black and white for me with no problems! How easy is that!

This picture was just taken on our recent trip to Montana. I love this.

If you would like to order for yourself visit CanvasHQ or find them on Instagram @canvas_hq. You can also find Kristy on Instagram at @farmgirljolie Send her a direct message if you need help ordering! I also have a coupon code for you to use for 30% off your order! Just use the code "EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE" You will not regret it!!

Photography Talk recently did a comparison on Canvas prints ordered from several canvas printing companies and Canvas HQ was the best! They go into detail as to why in this article below. Be sure to check it out!

I would love to know what you think about the new wall. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Such a gorgeous wall Daraka.....loving the updates:)

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