Love with Food Box!

If you're like me and not sure what's truly healthy out there in the food market these days, then the Love with Food box is for you! I am a true "snacker". I love snacking more than eating meals most of the time because I am on the go so much. Love with Food allows you to sample many different natural or organic healthy snacks options! I love this because I have ran out and bought boxes of health foods before only to find out I liked half of them. Then I am stuck with a bunch of food I don't particularly like. With this box, I can sample products to know if it's something I would like to buy again or not. The best part about Love with Food is for every box you get, you are donating a meal to feed a hungry child in the U.S. How amazing it that?! I received the "Deluxe" Box which feeds two hungry children.

When I first opened the box I couldn't believe how many snacks it came with to try! It came with salty snacks, crunchy snacks, sweet snacks, and even vitamins to sample.  As well with several coupons!

I took pics before trying them all so you all could see them better! There were two packs of the chia & flax seed bars.

They came with both men's and women's vitamins to sample! There were 3 of the honey filled hard candies but my husband swiped one before I took pics. There were also two packs of the trail mix to sample.

Salt and vinegar chips are my favorite chip ever! I have never tried this brand and let me tell you they were amazing.

If you love the side brownies in the brownie pan after making them, then these are for you! So yummy! There were two sample packets of these and my husband loved them too.

These were amazing! Ice cream, and anything sweet and frozen, is my weakness.

I am definitely going to continue trying new snacks with the Love with Food service. It's also a great way for my kids to try new healthy snack options. Follow Love with Food on Instagram for special offers and more pictures of boxes!

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