Purex® Plus Clorox 2® Review!

I am super excited to be able to work with Purex® and review their new Purex® Plus Clorox 2®  stain fighting detergent! As a mom of 3 little girls, I am constantly finding stains on just about everything. Pillow covers, chair covers, dish towels, and blankets...just to name a few. Purex® has came out with a detergent that fights over 100 stains, is safe for colors, and it's bleach free!

I used the "Original Fresh" scent and I have to add it smells amazing! It actually lasts a long time too compared to detergents I have used before. I didn't have to wait long before one of my girls stained one of my pillow covers, a new one to be exact. Below is how the pillow cover looked after red Popsicle was dropped all over it. It had been there a couple days too.

I took the detergent and rubbed it directly onto the stains, letting it set for at least 5 minutes before throwing it in the washer.

 My husband had his doubts it would come out and I am not going to lie, I did too! My previous experience with red dye stains has never came out well.

Every single red stain was GONE! I was so amazed! I am completely sold on using this detergent, especially for my favorite dish towels. I love having pretty linens in the kitchen but I am usually to afraid to actually use them seeing as how many food spills happen there. Not any more! I used the detergent on some stains on some dish towels I had and it removed every spot!

I highly recommend using Purex® Plus Clorox 2® for any stains you may have or just for every day freshness!

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