Fall Home Tour

Hello friends! Fall has arrived and I've just finished my fall decorating! I'm really looking forward to all that fall brings...soups, crisp air, the turning of leaves, boots and sweaters, and of course football! I always love for my home to feel cozy through every season and I think I've accomplished that in my fall decorating. 

I'm so very excited to have teamed up with 13 wonderful ladies to bring you a fall home tour blog hop! At the end of my post you'll find links to visit my fellow bloggers tours! They are a must! Such amazing talent and beautiful homes. Let's begin!

Pretzel S'mores

I discovered a new, amazing creation on our recent camping trip with my family. We usually try and take a fall camping trip every year before school starts..it's a super fun tradition that my girls look forward to. Of course, we always make S'mores, a favorite with my girls! Only, when we got all set up, I realized I forgot the graham crackers. I instantly started thinking of all the snacks I brought to see if I had something I could use in the crackers place...when it hit me..Pretzels!! Before we even made the first one I knew the salty and sweet would be so yummy. I have to tell you, after trying them..you may never make S'mores the traditional way again! 

I bought the Pretzel Thins for our trip and I believe they worked out perfectly. The flatness of them made great foundations for the chocolate and gooey marshmallow! 

I placed two Pretzel Thins face down on a plate and put one piece of Hershey's chocolate on a piece. One chocolate per S'more sandwich. 

Now the fun part...roasting the marshmallows! 


Once the marshmallow is hot and melted, transfer it on top of the chocolate piece, then place a Pretzel thin on top making a sandwich. 

I personally have never just loved S'mores as they were always too sweet. I can now say I LOVE them!! I think the saltiness of the Pretzel balances it perfectly! 

I dare you to just eat one! My daughter was a huge fan..can you tell?! 

I would love to know if you try these yourself and what you think of them. 

Happy Camping!