Fall Outdoor Tablescape

Hello fiends! I've joined up with 6 blogger friends to bring you all Thanksgiving tablescape ideas with a fall recipe!
It's my absolute favorite time of year! Cozy blankets and sweaters, hot apple cider, crisp air, and football of course, are just a few reasons why I love fall. Knowing we are in the month of November always brings on that anxious feeling of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas! One of the things I love most is creating memories and traditions, I try and make everything as memorable as I can for my three daughters for each holiday that comes. At the beginning of fall, we created a "fall bucket list" together and have been checking an item off each weekend. Having a fall picnic was one of the things they wanted to do so I thought..why not have dinner outdoors one night and make it something special they can remember? It also gave me an excuse to decorate another Thanksgiving/fall themed tablescape! 

We live on the lake and have this beautiful view, so I decided to make the tablescape overlooking the lake behind our house. 

I took a roll of brown craft paper and cut it for the table. I then found a thanksgiving quote and took a black sharpie and wrote the quote down the length of the craft paper. I love how easy and simple this was!

I used a bunch of real cotton stems for the centerpiece. They almost look like a bouquet of flowers from a distance.

I took some tiger stripe pumpkins that I had inside and sat them in the bowls.

Yes....that is a chicken in the background. Oops!

It was so nice eating a hot stew outside. It turned chilly quick and we ended up grabbing some blankets from inside.

My girls loved this!! I am definitely making this a yearly tradition.

Here is the recipe for the beef stew!

Vegetable Beef Stew 

1 1/2 lbs hamburger meat 
4 large carrots, cut into bite size pieces 
1 can green beans 
1 can sweet corn 
1 can sweet peas 
1 can tomato paste (8 oz)
1 can stewed tomatoes 
2 cans tomato sauce 
2 cups cooked macaroni noodles 
4 large potatoes 
Salt and Pepper 

Cook hamburger meat. Drain grease. 
In a large pot add all the cans with juices, carrots, and potatoes. 
Add hamburger meat and bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer. Let cook an hour or until potatoes are tenter. The longer you cook this the better the taste. Sometimes I cook the potatoes separately then add them in at the end. When stew is close to done, cook macaroni noodles separately until tender. Drain then add to stew. Stir well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with saltine crackers. 

This is a simple recipe that my kids and husband always love. You can always add more to your liking, like onions. Leftovers the next day are even better!
I'm so glad you stopped by! Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers Thanksgiving tables below! 


  1. Daraka, I love that you live on a lake, it is so beautiful. It has always been my dream to live on the water, it is so peaceful and serene. I love this post: The brown paper and your beautiful writing, the cotton stems and what a statement they make & all the little pumpkins on the plates are so beautiful. & can we talk about that chicken? what perfect timing ;) an authentic farmhouse Thanksgiving! & your recipe looks delicious. I can't wait to try it! & I too love making memories and traditions for my kids too. Enjoy the season, my friend. It is fun to do this tour with you!

  2. Daraka...this is so perfect.. What an incredible setting for a thanksgiving tablescape! LOVE the craft paper with thanksgiving quote and the cotton stems in the middle. That stew looks incredible, i can't wait to try it! What a special memory and new tradition for your littles! Love doing these blog hops with you cute girl!!

  3. I am in awe of this!! Love the cardboard and sharpie idea, love the cotton spread!! The soup looks amazing.. and what a wonderful idea to overlook the lake.. sure has been a nice enough fall to do just that!

  4. Daraka, your penmanship is so beautiful! I love that your house overlooks the lake. How pretty and serene! Your girls must've been so happy! That soup looks delicious too!