DIY Heart Canvas for Kids

My girls are always begging to do some kind of craft! This heart canvas is such a cute one for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day and it's super simple. I always keep craft closet full of supplies so I already had the blank canvas and the bingo daubers. 

What you'll need:

  • Bingo Daubers (you can find them here Lucky Lady Bingo Daubers) aff link.
  • Painters tape (I used a cheap brand and it bled through a little but still turned out cute)
  • Scissors
  • White Canvas ( any size) 

To make the shape of a heart with tape, I stuck the tape to our kitchen counter overlapping as I went.
I then drew a heart on top of the tape. 

If you peel the tape from the top down it should all stay in tact, ready to cut.

Using scissors, I cute out the heart and placed it in the center of my canvas. 

Make sure to press down around the edges to make sure the paint doesn't bleed under the tape.

Let your child create their own design with the bingo daubers. My middle daughter choose to alternate colors around the heart. It's OK if they get paint on the tape, you will peel the tape off at the end leaving the white center!

My youngest daughter (age 2) and her friend put colors everywhere on the canvas and it turned out super cute! I would avoid using any browns or blacks for this project.

Peel the tape off before the paint dries and set it somewhere to dry completely.
Here are both versions below. The girls had a great time creating them and they turned out so adorable!

Thanks for stopping by! If you make this with your littles at home, tag me on Instagram @farmhouseforfive_ ....I would love to see them! 


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