Dining Room Wall Makeover with Woodwaves Inc.

Hi friends! I am so excited to finally show you guys what I have been working on. For about three years I have had a huge double bookcase in my dining room...I loved the bookcase but it just wasn't working as it was way too big for the small space. Here is what the bookcase and wall looked like below...

It was really neat and rustic but it just made the room seem more closed off and cramped. I sold the bookcase with no back up plan on what I was going to do with the wall. My husband and I bought his grandparents house after they passed. In the downstairs garage there was this beautiful table that was being used as a work bench for years but I knew it had potential! I posted a story about it on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago and had you all vote to see if I should paint it white or leave it dark. There were sooo many responses and the majority said paint. I actually decided to leave it dark!! I came up with a plan to add white, old windows above it so I knew the contrast would look good. Plus, I can always paint it later for a change. 

 Here is a pic of the table! It has a few scrapes and paint stains but I actually love the chippyness and character it has. OK...now for the wall decor! A company called Woodwaves Inc. sent me these gorgeous bird prints and I knew that they had to be incorporated on the wall. I cannot even describe how beautiful these frames are! When I opened the box and unwrapped each one, I could instantly smell the pine wood!

They came in a set of 4 and were perfect for this wall. They have another set very similar that you can find HERE!

Here is a picture of the full space. I added some vintage decor I already had and added some greenery for the summer.

This lamp is also from Woodwaves Inc.! Isn't is so neat?! I realize I haven't put a bulb in it yet but that is because I ordered a neat one for it and it hasn't came in yet. I absolutely love unique items, so this lamp was perfect! Woodwaves Inc. has an amazing collection of lamps that you can shop HERE!

I added some lavender to this old cheese box and set it on some stacked books.

I would love to know your thoughts on this new space! I'll be bringing you some more amazing items from Woodwaves Inc. in a summer tablescape coming soon. Until then, head to Woodwaves Inc. to see all the unique items they offer! 

*I received products as compensation for this post. All views and opinions in this post as always are my own and no other compensation was provided.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I don't quite have the right eye to pull things/spaces together - so am always motivated when I see the spaces that you and your friends create and share with us! To me, this is a pretty calming space - the pictures, are lovely! Thank you for inspiring me! Kelly