Kitchen Remodel

Hi! Thanks for stopping by today! To start off, we remodeled our kitchen on a budget meaning no new appliances and we used the existing countertops. I painted our kitchen blue several years ago and loved it then but hate it now. My decor style has definitely changed over the years and this new kitchen reflects that. Here's what we did to give the kitchen a more updated look...

  • Took down the soffits above the cabinets
  • Removed the whole section of drawers below the kitchen window
  • Painted all the cabinets white
  • Added trim to the top of the cabinets
  • Built a wood vent hood over the existing hood
  • Built a kitchen island with drawers and a door to hide trash can
  • Built a bar on the window to sit at
  • Made a curtain for the window
  • Added a cutting board/plate holder with bead board
  • New light fixtures (super affordable ones!)
  • Took out cabinets above sink and added a shelf
  • New hardware on cabinets
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I absolutely love how everything turned out! Below is a picture of what it looked like before.

We had this blank cabinet wall when you came into the kitchen. We took bead board and my husband made little slots for cutting boards and plates to go in. He added wooden rods, painted black, to hold the items in place.

We covered the existing vent hood and cabinet with a wood cover that my husband built.

The paint we used for the cabinets is by RUST-OLEUM and it's actually a kit. No sanding needed! That's the best part. It covered well and was so easy to paint with. You can find it at Lowe's or Home Depot! I used the light kit in "Linen White". It comes with the option to put a glaze over the white if you prefer but I opted to leave the white. The kits also come with a top coat, stirring sticks,
de-glosser, and the pads needed.

We took down the upper cabinets above the sink (shown below) and put up a dual light and shelf. It feels so much more open now!

I found this light on Amazon and it's under $50! You can find it HERE. I used items I already had to decorate the shelf.

One thing I love doing is incorporating pieces with meaning to them. For instance, the framed blue and gold photo belonged to my Great Grandmother. She bought it on one of her many trips traveling out of the country. The silver pitcher was a wedding gift to my parents. The little photo frame in front belonged to my husbands' grandma. She was the previous owner of the house we live in now. To the right in the little frame next to the rolling pins is a framed piece of the original wallpaper that was in the house when we bought it. I love keeping little memories like these around our home.

I bought this antique rug and it's so beautiful that I plan on taking it out from under the island and using it elsewhere.

I found this old cabinet at a flea market one year for $30. I use it as extra storage and I am still debating on whether I want to paint it or not.

My husband (super handy by the way) built this bar under the window for the girls to sit at and eat. They love it!

I bought fabric and made this curtain for the window in here. It's actually a faux Roman shade...our view out this window is of the lake and we never have a reason to shut the curtain.

This pendant light is also from Amazon. You can find this one HERE under $30!

We used wood planks as the countertop for the island sealing it with poly several times. 

I chose a latch style hardware for the cabinets. I love how they look, kind of unique! I went with simple cup pulls for the drawers found at Lowe's.

 These bar stools are one of my favorite things about the kitchen. They are vintage rattan stools and I've been saving them for this for several years! They belonged to my husbands' grandparents.

 I hope you enjoyed our kitchen tour! I'd love to hear from you below on your thoughts or if you have any questions I would be sure to get back to you! Thanks for stopping by...

*I received products as compensation for this post. All views and opinions in this post as always are my own and no other compensation was provided.


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