Bathroom Remodel Plans

Finally! We are close to seeing an end to the basement bathroom remodel. It's been a mess! If you don't know, we have a walkout basement that spans the length of the house. It's not your typical basement where there is only one exit. We have french doors, windows, and even a garage in the basement. Last year we completed the main part of the basement remodel adding two bedrooms and a large living area. That put our total bedrooms in the house to 5 giving each of our daughters their own rooms...which has been GREAT! 

Right now we are remodeling the bathroom and laundry room, both of which are in the basement. First I am sharing plans for the bathroom. It's quite small and has no windows but it will have a freestanding bathtub with shower, sink, and toilet.  We had to have the plumbing completely redone in the basement, meaning we had to bust out the concrete to have new plumbing laid. That part has been completed and the new concrete has been poured. I'll share before pics of what we are working with below, along with plans for the new bathroom! I've provided affiliate links below as well for your convenience. The bathtub is currently out of stock but I will update post when it is available again. (It sells out fast!)




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